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Am I in the right place? edit

You are about to add a new section to the Wikipedia Help Desk, a page which is run by volunteer editors to help new and experienced users use the English Wikipedia. First and foremost, if your question is a general knowledge query not specifically related to Wikipedia, you probably want to visit the Wikipedia Reference Desk, where asking knowledge questions is welcome. For a comprehensive directory of services and assistance that can be requested on Wikipedia see Wikipedia:Requests

Where might I want to be? edit

If you're going to ask for ... You may want to ask here instead ...
... editing help You may want to check our FAQ first, or search on the Help desk archives – many common questions are answered there.
... information about a particular topic See our Reference Desk.
... help with copyright issues For text, ask at Wikipedia talk:Copyright problems. For images, ask at Wikipedia:Media copyright questions.
... help with a content dispute Follow the steps outlined in dispute resolution.
... help dealing with vandalism Vandalism can be reverted and the user warned as described at Wikipedia:Vandalism. Persistent vandals may be reported at Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism.
... requesting page protection File a request at Wikipedia:Requests for page protection. It can also be used for requesting edits to a protected page and for requesting unprotection.
... other issues that need an administrator's attention Start a discussion at the administrators' noticeboard.
... medical, legal, or other professional advice Don't ask here. Wikipedia cannot offer medical, legal, or other professional advice, and makes no assertion that our content is correct.
... preventing the viewing of objectionable content Wikipedia is not censored, and in our effort to provide information on a broad range of topics, we cover material that is potentially offensive. You view Wikipedia at your own risk. There are limited technical means to not display certain images.
... help with a product you own Please contact the customer service department of the company that makes the product you are having trouble with. While we may have an article on the product or company, we are not affiliated with them in any way.
... help with MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia If your query is unrelated to Wikipedia, try asking at the MediaWiki support desk, or #mediawiki IRC (on freenode) or the mediawiki-l mailing list.

Yes! I'm in the right place! edit

Great! Then ask your question at the Wikipedia Help Desk. Remember to check back for your reply!

(Note that this is not the place to ask for help. Only the Wikipedia “Help Desk” will receive and answer your question. So go back to the Wikipedia Help Desk, edit that page (or this one), ask your question there, and hit “Save page”. Thanks!)