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While Wikipedia does have many encyclopedia articles on topics of historical significance that are currently in the news, and can be updated with recently verified information, Wikipedia is not a news site.

If you would like to write an article about a recent event, please head to Wikinews, a sister project. If you find it also of historical importance, you're encouraged to write about it at Wikinews first, and then at Wikipedia, as old news is not news.

An article is typically considered stale 2–3 days after the news event occurred. The two most common exceptions are:

  • New information has come to light within 2–3 days, and the news event occurred within 7 days.
Just because a source article has a later date, needn't mean the information in it is new on that date. If the information really is new, it may mark a fresh news event to focus on, obviating this exception.

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