I made an edit here and it was very nice.

I decided to add a web citation right here:


Bold text will capture your attention!


Italic not so much (attention-wise).


It would be nice to have a category on this page.

Bullets and NumberingEdit
  • Bullet
  1. Numbering

This statement[Jeff_references 1] really ought to cite a reference.

LaTeX / mathEdit

It's nice to add some LaTeX to this page as well.

Computer CodeEdit

It's kinda fun to stick some computer code in this page:

export BROWSER_LABEL=firefox

And here is some more computer code just for fun:

bundle exec cucumber features/computer_code.feature


I think I'll strikethrough some text as well.


And I'd like to underline something as well.

Subscript and SuperscriptEdit

And what page would be complete without subscript and superscript?


It would also be nice to have an image on this page, such as the one below.



I think I would also like to place a transclusion[by whom?] on this page.

Reference ListEdit

I'm adding some media here:

Seattle city skyline

...and even more media!

San Francisco skyline

I just can't get enough media!