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Dido Sotiriou

  • ... that Greek writer Dido Sotiriou (pictured) deals in her novels with the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the civil war and the postwar period in Greece?
  • ... that the cover for Andrew Miller's 2011 Costa prize winning novel Pure was inspired by Francisco Goya's etching The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters?
  • ... that the British Houses of Parliament in London, rebuilt after a destructive fire in 1834, include ventilation systems by Scottish physician David Boswell Reid?
  • ... that Hurricane Celeste in 1972 triggered evacuations due to a threat of nerve gas dispersal?
  • ... that Elias Abraham Rosenberg, a peddler from San Francisco, became an adviser to King Kalākaua of Hawaii due to his purported ability to predict the future?
  • ... that in "Odorono", The Who sang about the consequences of body odour?
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